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26th September 2010

World Sports Car Masters

Lola T70MK3b


Olly qualified the Lola in 2nd position in the very wet qualifying session with a time of 2m.58.394s just 0.094s off pole.


Olly was on the tail of the race leader and at the end of the first lap, when the engine cut out and the car coasted to a halt at the bottom of Eau Rouge.


Plymouth Barracuda


The circuit was wet for this session and big Plymouth slid around in a time of 3m36.633s, and 4th in class.


Grahame Bryant started the race and was running well. Olly took over after the minute compulsory pitstop and set about catching the Ford Mustang which was 3rd in class. Unfortunately that car had not carried out the mandatory 1 minute stop and gained a large amount of time. Olly was closing on the Mustang at several seconds a lap but the race wasn’t quite long enough and he crossed the line under 5 seconds behind at the flag and 4th in class.


AC Cobra


Olly lined the car up 3rd on the grid with a time of 2min11.004s. There was more to come from the car though and Olly was confident for the race.


Grahame Bryant started the race and was running well, albeit losing some time to the leaders. Grahame brought the car in to hand over to Olly who rejoined the race, and a lap later a Jaguar E-type then crashed heavily coming through Abbey corner. This stopped the race whilst the driver was safely removed from the wrecked car. The organisers decided to split the race into 2 halves and run the second half once the circuit had been cleared. As we were the only car to have pitted, this cost us badly as we finished well down the order in 23rd place for race 1. Even worse, race 2 grid positions were taken from race 1 finishing order so Olly had to start in 23rd place.

Despite this set-back, Olly made a storming start and set about the massive task of getting to the front in what was now only a 20 minute sprint race. With 4 laps to go, Olly was running 3rd and had just caught the 2nd and 1st placed Cobras of Paul Ingram and Rob Hall. Unfortunately, bad timing with traffic and a yellow flag zone, meant the 2 leading Cobras were able to pull away whilst Olly was stuck behind a slower back-marker for the whole of the Hangar straight. This allowed them to pull a sufficient gap to stay there to the flag and Olly settled for 3rd place. He also set the fastest lap of the race in the process with a 2m10.208s lap.


BMW 1800ti


The highly competitive field for under two-litre touring cars attracted 50 cars to this event. Problems in qualifying meant Olly could only manage 18th overall and 7th in class.


Grahame started the race and was having a competitive run and some great battles with Lotus Cortinas, Minis and other similar BMWs. Unfortunately the car picked up a puncture and the car was pitted to change the wheel. This was before the pit window and the car had to be sent back out and would have to make another stop to change the driver. Once the pit-window was open, Grahame handed over to Olly who had a storming drive back through the fielf to claim 10th overall and 3rd in class.