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Oliver Bryant Driver Coaching

Tuition by multiple British GT race winner and BRDC “Rising Star”

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Oliver Bryant is a highly experienced sportscar driver and since becoming Autosport’s “one to watch” in 2004 he has competed in over 430 races, many at an international level and has notched up numerous wins in the British GT Championship. In 2005 he won Dailysportscar “rookie of the year” award and has impressed in every car he has raced earning him “Rising Star” patronage of the British Racing Driver’s club in 2006 and full membership in 2009.

Oliver’s goal is to become a top line professional driver with aims of winning the Le Mans 24 hour in addition to Sebring and Daytona. Oliver is regarded by teams and the motorsport press in the UK as truly competent driver with pace, race craft and maturity beyond his years; all of which is vital in endurance racing where reliability and consistency are as important as outright pace.

Oliver is a highly marketable young racing driver with the ability to promote brands and companies. Oliver is also a well-established driver coach working with other young drivers starting out in the lower ranks of GT racing.

Racing drivers, both current or budding, or those simply looking for more speed and consistency from their track driving, will learn a great deal from a days coaching. The following techniques will be focused on in a programme suited to develop and improve on your current level of skills, whilst introducing, demonstrating and teaching further techniques:

  • How to push yourself and the car safely to the limit, to reduce your lap times
  • Positioning of the car on track
  • Weight transfer and how it affects the handling
  • How to correct or solve oversteer and understeer
  • When to apply the power and how this affects the overall corner speed and balance of the car
  • Racing lines, for the dry and the wet
  • When, how hard to brake and the technique of trail braking into the apex
  • Vision and how important it is to be looking through the corner
  • Heel and Toe, for downshifting properly
  • The technique of left foot braking
  • Individual track secrets, acquired from years of experience and over 400 races
  • Many more basic and advanced track/racing techniques

It is the most effective way to extract the best out of yourself and your car, allowing you to develop as a driver and greatly improve your skills in order to drive more quickly and consistently. Tuition allows you to improve your skills, and greatly reduce your lap times, and is both cost and time efficient.

The typical day’s programme includes:

  • Briefing on what is going to happen on the day and all the basic track techniques explained
  • Slow demo lap by me if you do not know the circuit or car
  • In car instruction all day
  • Out of car tuition all day
  • High speed demo laps on request to put the techniques into visual practice

Oliver Bryant has raced/tested the following sports and GT cars successfully:

  • AC Cobra 289 (1964)
  • Ascari KZ1R
  • Aston Martin DB5 (1965)
  • Aston Martin DBRS9
  • Aston Martin Vantage N24
  • BMW 1800 Ti (1965)
  • BMW M3 GTR (E46)
  • Corvette Stingray (1964)
  • Dallara Judd LMP1
  • Dodge Viper SRT/10 Competition Coupe
  • Ferrari 360 GT2
  • Ferrari 360 GT3 cup
  • Ford Mustang GT350 (1965)
  • Ford Mustang Notchback (1965)
  • Jade 2 Sports Prototype
  • Ginetta G50-Zytek GT3 (2009)
  • Jaguar E-Type Lightweight
  • Jaguar E-Type Lightweight- Low Drag
  • Lamborghini Diablo GT2
  • Lola T70 Mk3B (1969)
  • Lola T70 Mk3 GT (1968)
  • Lotus 7 Twincam
  • Lotus XV (1958)
  • Marcos Mantis GT3 LS7
  • MGB Roadster FIA spec (1965)
  • Morgan Aero 8 GT3 Car
  • Morgan Plus 8 (1977)
  • Mosler MT900R GT3 (2009)
  • Palmer Jaguar JP1
  • Plymouth Barracuda (1965)
  • Porsche 2.7 RS (1973)
  • Porsche 968cs
  • Porsche 996 RSR GT2
  • Porsche 997 GT3 Cup

Below is a list of some of the vehicles Oliver has instructed in:

  • Lotus Exige GT3
  • Lotus Exige series 1
  • Lotus Elise
  • Porsche 996 GT3 RS
  • Porsche 997 GT3
  • Caterham
  • Westfield Megabusa
  • Porsche 968cs


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