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15th July 2007

Uniroyal Funcup 25 Hours of Spa 14/15 July 2007

Oliver Bryant was invited to drive for Team Tiger in the annual 25 hour VW Beetle Funcup race on the Belgian Formula One circuit.

Sharing with Ben Beighton, David Grady and Chloe Noyce, Oliver was confident of a strong performance against the 160 car grid of identical machines. Oliver drove a total of 7 hours in the race. Stints lasted 1 hour 25 minutes and Oliver did the third stint after the start, a double stint in the night and then two the following day.

The car suffered from numerous small problems consisting of 3 punctures, some body damage, an oil leak, two brake changes, a loose wing, and finally gearbox trouble which left the car without 3rd and 5th gears in the closing stages. This in total was about 30 mins of delays, which equates approximately to 10 laps, which is ironically the distance the car finished behind the winners. This shows the excellent race pace that the team had.

The car finished 20th overall and 2nd placed British Team. Oliver also recorded the fastest lap of the race, a mighty feat against 710 drivers in identical machinery. The time of 3m08.6s is the new lap record for this class of car on the recently reconfigured Spa circuit.

Oliver would like to thank Chris Beighton and the rest of the crew and Team Tiger for the opportunity to race the car and also to congratulate the other drivers for excellent drives.