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16th July 2006

Rounds 7 & 8 Snetterton



For race 1, Oliver qualified the Morgan in P5 with a 1m13.042s. For race 2, Keith qualified the car in P7 with a 1m13.813s.


Oliver Bryant had an excellent opening few laps, moving passed the Marcos and the Trackspeed Porsche of Miles Hulford in 2 very committed moves out of Corum bend. Bryant was running in P3 and catching the leading Porsches by a second a lap. Bryant’s fortunes took a turn for the worst in the Morgan, with massive understeer early in the race signalling a problem; “It just wouldn’t turn in,” explained Bryant. Although undiagnosed until after the race, the car was running with a broken shock absorber; the spring was being wedged against an engine mount. Bryant’s pace dropped to the 1:19s at one point, but just as it looked as though a retirement was imminent, the Morgan’s pace improved again to the 1:15s, the ever-impressive Bryant having worked out how to drive around the problem.

The Morgan was handed over to owner Keith Ahlers in P5 and a retirement for one of the RPM Porsche’s promoted the Morgan to P4 for the flag. This gave Bryant and Ahlers a valuable 5 championship points and they finished in front of 2 rivals who were ahead of them on points.


Keith Ahlers started the race and was unfortunately held up by the Mosler of Kevin Riley. The GT2 cars straight line pace made it nearly impossible to overtake and Keith was stuck behind the car for most of his stint costing him at least 2 seconds per lap. Times in the 1m16s and 17s whilst behind this car meant the leading GTC cars lapping in the 1m13s were disappearing into the distance. When Oliver took over, he rejoined the race in P6 with the leading Trackspeed Porsche just behind him on the track, but almost an entire lap up. However, Bryant pulled away from this car, caught the Ferrari of David Dove and then caught the Porsche of Cameron to move up into P3. Unable to catch the P2 Porsche that was over half a minute ahead, Oliver reduced his pace to preserve the car to the finish and the RPM car of Hunter Abbott was 6s behind at the flag.