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2nd July 2023

Class win at Le Mans Classic for Olly Bryant & Andrew Smith 1-2nd July 2023

Driving the beautifully prepared Historika Porsche 904/6. Olly and Andrew put on a dominant display in plateau 4 at the Le Mans Classic. They qualified on class pole, and went on to secure 3 class wins to be classified 1st in class, 12th overall in the plateau. They were classified 5th in index of performance. With the 2.0L car punching well above its weight in a grid that boasted 10 GT40s!

Olly also raced the 1969 Lola T70 MK3B for the first time since 2021. A pre-event shakedown revealed a crack in the engine block, so with the help of a loan engine from a competitor, Olly qualified 2nd in plateau 5. Race 1 was unfortunate in that an exhaust issue and sticking throttle meant a lengthy pit stop which cost over 2 laps. Olly recovered with a strong P2 in the second race. In the final race on Sunday, Olly lead comfortably, and took the opportune decision to pit under safety car. Unfortunately race control unusually held the pit lane exit light red for over 5 minutes whilst they waited for the safety car train to pass. This ended any hopes of a race win, and Olly was classified 3rd in the final encounter. It was very much a case of what could have been, as the pace was there to win the plateau.