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28th August 2022

A hard fought second place at Paul Ricard for Bryant & Smith in 2.0L Cup- 28th August

After planting the Historika owned and prepared 1964 Porsche 901 firmly on pole position for round 4 of the series. Olly and teammate Andrew Smith had a race long battle with Mark Sumpter and Andrew Jordan. Smith built up an early lead over Sumpter, but when Sumpter boxed early to hand over to Jordan. Historika made the decision to leave Smith out for longer in case of a safety car. This allowed Jordan to close the “virtual gap” to the 64 machine of Bryant & Smith. After pitting, Olly resumed with a narrow lead over Jordan, and P2 on the road behind rapid “gent” Christian Coll in the Tuthill run machine. Desperate to pass at the first opportunity, Olly made an attempt into the final hairpin, only for Coll to turn in and shut off the attempted pass. Olly avoided contact , but by tightening his line, he was vulnerable to Jordan on the run down into turn 1. Jordan made it through, and then an scintillating battle  between the pair lasted until the chequered flag, with Jordan narrowly beating Olly to the finish. Championship lead intact , and extended, Bryant & Smith head to Estoril in October for the final race of the season. 

Photo Credit 2.0L Cup