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10th September 2010

Winning at Watkins Glen

Olly drove the Trans-Am Ford Mustang for the first time in free practice at Watkins Glen. The space-frame car with clip-on fiberglass body and 730bhp is a car that takes a few laps to get in to. With mixed weather on the test day, running was limited so 6th on the grid was a good effort.

For the start of the qualifying race, Olly blasted off from 6th on the grid with a fantastic rolling start and was in the lead by the end of the first lap. He stayed in this position for the rest of the race despite strong opposition from the Trans-Am car of Doug Richmond. The feature race was in the wet and Olly lead that from start to finish to record his second win of the weekend and set fastest lap in the process. Olly also drove the car in a 50 minute Enduro race in dry conditions and finished 3rd overall and first in class.

In addition to the Trans-Am Mustang, Olly was also driving David Ritter’s blue 1965 GT350 to help with the setup of the car. Wet qualifying went well and Olly was 2nd quickest overall in this group and the fastest Mustang. This was followed up by 3rd overall in the sprint race in the wet and 9th overall and 3rd Mustang in the dry sprint race.